About us

Teammate is an organization that provides technical solutions for public events. Our team consists of professionals with the experience of event managing for over 10 years already, and we are committed to provide full service technical solutions and equipment for a variety of public events.

Over the years, we have built a great experience in producing a large amount of sports events, festivals, expositions and fairs, corporate and promotion events.

Without a doubt Teammate is your best choice!

Partnerships with Teammate

Setting up and managing an event is a complex process, involving planning, carrying out various stages and activities, and facing many challenges. We know how to manage all technical needs and necessary assistance for successful event. With Teammate you will have:

● A reliable business partner
● Consistent and high quality services
● The expected result delivered on time
● Responsible group of professionals and their undivided attention
● More time to devote to other parts of your event

Teammate provides

Technical planning, from the idea to the implementation

Management and assistance during the event

Blueprint and implementation mounting and dismounting plan

Logistics planning and implementation

Visual solutions – design and concept development

Team of experienced professionals

Preparation of technical documentation

Consulting activities in matters concerning approval of event


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